Monday, May 21, 2012

Dear Bo, A Mommy and Me weekend...

Daddy went fishing with his cousins this weekend so we had a Mommy and Me weekend.  I didn't take a single picture with my camera, but my heart took a plenty.

I dropped you off to play at Parents' Night Out on Friday night.  You love it there.  Every time I pick you up, they tell me how much fun you have and how happy you are there.  One little girl about a year older than you took it upon herself to "take care of you" while you were there.  Her name was Hannah, and you keep saying "Bye, Hannah" every time we pass by the church now.

You have decided it's fun to wake up at 6am sharp now so Saturday you greeted me bright and early.  You laid on "Daddy's pillow" as you kept calling it and tried to be quiet so I could snooze a little longer, but in the end, your desire for milk and Cat in the Hat won out so you sat on me, kissed me, and whispered, "Cat".  I obliged. 

We played outside a lot on Saturday, and you took a great nap.  You like us to lay with you at nap time, and Sissy is making me tired these days so I slept with you for about an hour before I got up and got a few things done. 

Sunday was another 6am day so we were more than ready in time for church.  You love your teachers and Bible class.

I kept thinking this weekend that I'm sad our one on one time is coming to an end.  I'm excited to give you a Baby Sister, but I know that you'll become more dependent on Daddy now, and I just love our special relationship.  I soaked up every second with you.  I just love...
  • How you'll be playing but all of the sudden realize I'm not beside you and run to find me, and when you do, you'll hug my leg and say, "Hi, Momma".
  • How you pull my arm around you when I lay with you at nap time and snuggle into me.
  • How your chubby fingers play with my nails when you sit in my lap.
  • How you turn on the charms with a big ornery grin when you know you're doing something you shouldn't.
  • How your favorite phrase this weekend was, "Oh, no!"
  • How you think it's funny to burp and say, "scu mees".
  • How you flush and say cheerfully, "Bye poo-poo" every time you go to the bathroom in the potty, whether you've gone poo-poo or not.
  • How you drop everything when you hear a siren ("amblance"), a motorcycle, a truck, or an airplane (you say these right on), yell their names, and do not stop until I acknowledge that I've heard them, too.
  • How you make a car noise every single time I put on your "Cars undies" (your pullups) at night.
Mimi and Pop stopped by on Sunday on their way home from a weekend trip.  You love them both, but you are a Pop's boy.  You kept giving him hugs, and he had to be the one to take you to wash your hands with "Elmo soap", to swing you, and carry you to the car.


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