Friday, May 25, 2012

Dear Bo, The things you say...

Your language has just exploded this month.  You will try to say anything we say.  You are really into repeating things you hear now (uh-oh).  You participate and respond to the cartoons you watch when they ask questions.  And you are really stringing words together.  I wanted to remember some of the things you are saying and doing right now:
  • You know your letters.  We have some cookies that are shaped like letters and numbers, and you always shout out the letters when you eat them.  You like to watch Super Why and identify the letters.  When we're driving, you'll point out letters on signs.  You've even started to make the sound with the letters (you do this in speech class).  If you see an E, you'll say "E!  Eh-eh". 
  • You know your numbers.  You like to count, but the counting is always the same: you skip one, and say two twice.  No matter how many there is of an item, you point and say, "two-two-two" until you've "counted" them all.  
  • You're really into matching.  You love the Dr. Seuss matching game you got for Christmas.  If we're looking at books, you'll find two objects and say, "Tree.  Tree.  Two trees!".  My favorite is when you see a lady or man in a book.  Every lady or man is a "Mommy" and "Daddy".  You'll point at the Mommy and point at me and say "Two Mommies!"  You're seemingly able to find two of everything at all times.
  • You are really into Toy Story, or as you call it, "Woody-Buzz".  You recently started saying "Ken and Barbie", which never fails to make me laugh.
  • You're a huge Cars fan these days, too.  But you seem to be indifferent towards Lightning McQueen (or as you call him, "A-Queen"); you're a Mater fan (or as you say in two distinct syllables, May-Ter").  Daddy bought you a small Mater, and you're obsessed.  You take it everywhere and talk to him.  You like to hide him under your blocks then say "May-Ter?  May-Ter?  Where are you, May-Ter?".  Then you'll lift the box and grin, pick him up, and say "Ooh okay, May-Ter?"  If you drop him, you always ask if he's okay.
  • When you burp or toot, you announce it, and then say "scu-mees".  
  • Every time you go potty, you flush and say, "Bye-bye poo-poo" whether you've done that deed or not.
  • "Oh, no!" is a favorite phrase.  This weekend I took the toys out of your sandbox to wash them off and laid them out to dry.  When you saw your sandbox was empty, you said "Oh, no!  My toys!"
  • I rarely shop in town so I order a lot on the Internet.  There's always something being delivered to the house it seems.  Last week the doorbell rang, and the nanny opened it to see who it was.  You looked around and said, "Hmm.  No box!"
  • You like to say "Hmm" a lot like you're really contemplating.
  • You're into saying "Bye" to things, especially when we watch cartoons.  "Bye, Guppies!", "Bye, Mickey!", "Bye, Thomas", "Bye, Nick and Cat!" are commonly heard.
  • You are so into vehicles-----trucks "big trucks", tractors, cars, bikes, motorcycles, trains ("choo-choos"), airplanes.  You name it.  You like to make their noises, shout when you see them, and you like telling us what colors they are on the road.  You're also into telling them "bye!".
  • You love to be tickled.  We hear "Tickle, Daddy" and "Tickle, Mommy" over and over again.
  • You love to play with/kick/throw balls.  I love when you say, "soccer ball".  It's awesome.
  • And of course, my favorite is when you say love you "wuv-ooo"!



  1. Yay for Bo! I'm so glad his talking is taking off!

  2. He is like his cousin Brileigh! It took her forever it seems then there was NO looking back- it has been ongoing since! Love you BO!