Friday, December 25, 2009

Dear Bo, 4 weeks old, your first Christmas, and finally 6 pounds...

We spent our first weekend at home as a family of 3! We took some walks, tried to cat nap during the day while you napped, and spent a lot of time saying, "We have a baby..."

We had another weight check, and you gained about an ounce a day and are now 6 pounds 3 ounces! Finally...some news Momma could celebrate about!

We went shopping for some Christmas presents for you, and it was a lot of fun. I remember last December I bought some kids' Christmas wrapping paper with the hope of having a baby of my own to wrap gifts with, and it's crazy that you are here, and I'm using it! You have gotten the neatest "My First Christmas ornaments..."

A glass blown ornament made by my friend, Jennifer, with your name on it:
Baby shoes from your GranNana:
A James Avery ornament with your name on it from my boss and his wife:
And this tractor with your name on it from my friend, Heather:
Your first Christmas bear from Mimi:
I love them all!

We went to the farm for Christmas, and your first Christmas was a white one! You got lots of goodies from your Mimi, Pop, and cousins. You didn't have very many infant toys and now you have quite a selection! With 10 of you (and 6 under the age of 2), it was a crazy Christmas, but you slept through it:
All 6 under 2 years old:
You and Aunt Jen, Cousin Landry, and "a twin":
You and Cousin Brooks:
Family pic:
Snoozing at Mimi and Pop's:
Merry Christmas, little one!


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  1. He looks like a little doll in the last picture...just beautiful!!