Friday, December 18, 2009

Dear Bo, You're 3 weeks old and home with Momma and Daddy now...

Daddy came to the farm for the weekend, too. We all had a nice visit (even though Momma had an allergic reaction and ended up in a clinic most of Sunday!).

Baby Brooks arrived on Monday, and I know y'all will be big buddies. He's struggling right now, and I feel so badly for his Momma and Daddy. I know we were scared when we thought you'd go to NICU.

Pop took us to meet Daddy half way on Monday night. I cried when I left both Mimi and Pop. Partly because I'm a little scared to not have someone who knows just how to care for you and to ask questions about your care and partly because it's overwhelming to finally have a frame of reference for how they love me. Hard to believe they've felt about me for 31 years the way I feel about you!

Our first nights with you have been rough. We don't know all of your noises yet, and we're up for everything. Truth be told, you've spent most of the nights asleep on our chest. I swore I wouldn't coddle my baby like that and I would make my baby sleep in their own bed, but well...I'm sure that's not the first time I'll eat my words! I just want you to get rest and that's the way you rest best! Daddy took off work on Tuesday to help me with you, and it was a good, special day with the 3 of us. I am getting used to you during the day and have bathed you (by myself!) and taken you for some walks.

We had another weight check, and you only gained half an ounce a day, for a grand total of 5 pounds 13 ounces. You guessed it...Momma didn't like that news! The doctor suggested we try rice cereal in your bottles to help with some weight gain. We'll try anything.


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