Friday, December 4, 2009

Dear Bo, I don't want to forget your first week...

I already told you about the day you were born; the first week was just as special.

The day after you were born (Saturday), Mimi and Pop came back to love on you.
You also got a surprise visit from Aunt Lori and your Cole cousins! This made Momma so happy that they came to see you! They are CRAZY about you; none more than your cousin Brody who kept telling you he wanted to play football with you, was so still and gentle when he held you, and was very protective (he wouldn't let his sisters touch you when it was "his turn").
Daddy and Pop got me two of the prettiest flower arrangements I have ever received, and Daddy got me a strand of pearls. I felt pretty special.
It snowed like crazy that weekend we were in the hospital.
Your GranNana and GranDa came to see you on Sunday (along with many other visitors).
We went home on Monday at around 11:30am. We dressed you in a preemie Carter's outfit Mimi bought you. You didn't like getting your clothes changed at all. You weighed 5 pounds 3 ounces when we took you home. I was excited to get out of the hospital (we had spent enough time there during the pregnancy!), but I was scared to take you home, too. You slept in the nursery at night and during the day you just slept so I hadn't really experienced any crying sessions with you yet. This is one of my favorite pictures of you from the hospital:
When we arrived home, GranNana had cooked several soups, gotten you and me some goodies, and then she and GranDa were on their way. Mimi arrived to stay for awhile and help with you. It was a great first day.

Leaving the hospital:
Our first picture at home:

During the day, you sleep a lot (mostly in your bassinet that we roll in the den). You are such a good baby. You rarely fuss and are always consolable. Mimi stays up with you at night and wakes me up to feed you. Feeding you is a challenge. Your suck reflex isn't very strong and latching is a chore. We do the old "bait and switch", tempting you with sugar water, follow up with a bottle, and pump. It takes over an hour and usually ends with us both in tears. It breaks my heart that you aren't seeming to "get it" because I know you are hungry. I just love you so much and hate to see you struggle (I'm sure this is the first of many times I will feel this way for you).

Your first bath:
You had your first weight check on Thursday; you hadn't gained any weight. I cried in the pediatrician's office when they said that (see above..."I just love you so much and hate to see you struggle...").

Your Uncle Heath, Aunt Amber, and Cousin Blaze came to visit. They think you're pretty special.
Little boy, I knew I would love you like crazy, but this much...this fast? Unbelievable.


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  1. What a great first week...Bo will definitely not be lacking in the love category!!!