Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear Bo, Another week old and your first trip to the farm...

If it were possible to spoil something so tiny, you would be! You and Mimi are snuggle buddies (your favorite thing is to sleep on her chest). Daddy comes home to see you at lunch and rocks you when he comes home from work. Pop has driven to see you twice already since you've been home and takes the 9pm-12am shift and rocks and rocks you. Daddy is a "Super Scribe"; he always makes sure your eating and elimination chart is updated.

We had another weight check, and you gained 6 ounces. I was so glad to hear that! Feeding is still a challenge.

Mimi and I took you to the farm for the weekend to meet your cousins and wait for Baby Brooks to get here. I will miss Mimi like crazy. I hope I never forget these things about her visit:
  • That she cooked special things I like and Daddy likes;
  • The way she sings to you (mostly songs she makes up);
  • Us visiting while I nurses--I think I'll miss that the most. Sometimes we sat in a tired stupor, sometimes we had giggling fits, and sometimes I cried and she consoled me;
  • Her giving me tips on bathing you and how to get things done with you here (i.e. put you in the bouncer in the bathroom so I can shower);
  • That y'all were snuggle buddies.
You met Uncle Bud and his family! The Coles were at the farm to meet Brooks, too, and they are still crazy about you and held you a lot. Aunt Lori took care of you at night so I could rest and y'all became good buddies! You had some special visitors: Momma's friend, Julie, Mimi's friend, Jamie, and your greatgrandmother, Mammies. We're having a nice visit.

You and Uncle Bud:
You and Mammies:
Duded up at Mimi's (this was your "coming home" outfit):

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