Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Memory Bank, Breckenridge Day 2...

Bo did not have a good night.  We were thankful for the 3 shut doors between us and the rest of the condo.  He was up twice for a good bit and really uncomfortable the second time.  He slept in later than we thought though (since we gained an hour) so that was a huge blessing.
We started the day with a yummy breakfast then we went on a hike at Boreas Pass.  We drove along this path in September and loved it so we were excited to see what it would look like in the summer.

 That afternoon, the guys went fishing while the gals went to the pool.  Bo didn’t seem to like the water at first, but I think what he didn’t like was the sun in his eyes because when I took him to the inside pool, he didn’t fuss.  We had dinner then enjoyed the lodge that evening before turning in.


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