Monday, June 21, 2010

Dear Reader, Diaper Bag Review (Oi Oi Hobo Bag, Petunia Pickle Bottom Touring Bag, Columbia Backpack)...

I over think EVERYTHING.  Choosing a diaper bag was no different.  I researched some different bags on the Internet and had a few priorities:

  1. Neutral color tone that I could use with more than one baby, no matter the gender, that my husband wouldn't be embarrassed to carry, and that would "go with everything" (that I'm wearing, of course)
  2. Easy to clean exterior and interior
  3. Easy to find things in (not a fan of huge bags that you have to dig through)
  4. Cute
  5. Decent price ($50 or less)
I started out with the Oi Oi Hobo Bag in Grey Dot.  It got good reviews and met 1-3 solidly, and 4 marginally.  After using it for a few months, my thoughts against my criteria were:

  1. Great, basic color (black and grey) with a sassy punch (lime green interior).  The One didn't mind carrying it and black "goes with everything"
  2. The exterior and interior wiped clean easily--perfect.
  3. I did not find this bag was "user friendly".  The shape of the bag made it hard to find things (too deep).  While I didn't want to carry a ton in it, I did want to be able to easily find what I did carry.  This was a fail to me (and ultimately why I decided to get another bag).
  4. It was only marginally cute to begin with and after carrying it for several months, I wanted a cuter "accessory" to carry.
  5. These retail from $99-129.  I bought mine "gently used" on eBay for $45.  I would have been sorely disappointed had I paid full retail price for it.  My plan is to sell the Oi Oi on eBay so it won't be a total loss money wise.
I also started out with the Columbia Trekster.  I intended this to solely be a bag for traveling.  We had several summer trips planned, and it looked like it would hold more and be easy to carry (since it was a backpack).

  1. We went with navy and silver.  The picture makes the colors look funny.  It's really nice in person. 
  2. The exterior and interior wipe clean easily--perfect.
  3. This bag is a little bigger than I would want for everyday, but for traveling, it's nice to put a little more in it.  The way the sides zip all the way down, you can see the contents easily so you never have to dig.  It also has two exterior side pockets which are wonderful for bottles, keys, phone, etc.  I love that it can snap on to a stroller.
  4. Though not "cute" per se, I like the look.  You would never think it was a diaper bag.  It just looks like a Columbia backpack.
  5. Retails for $45 at Babies R Us.  I registered for and received this as a shower gift so "free" to me.
Armed with some "diaper bag experience", I went on a search for another every day diaper bag.  I set my eyes on a bag by Petunia Pickle Bottom.  I chose the Petunia Pickle Bottom Black Orchid Touring Tote.

  1. Perfect color--black, but the brocade pattern keeps it from being boring, and the red piping adds a little sass.  The One likes carrying this the least, but overall, not an issue.
  2. This is where it gets dicey.  The fabric is not "wipe clean" material.  It's fabric--inside and out.  That being said, I've not had a problem...yet.  I can only imagine that as Bo gets into sippy cups, it might be an issue.
  3. This bag is small, but shaped perfectly so that it opens up and you can see everything inside.  It forces you to really be organized (which I like).  I love the stroller clips that come with it.
  4. This wins hand down in the "cuteness" category.  It gives you that feeling of carrying a nice enjoy carrying it.
  5. Retails for $145.  I got mine new on eBay for $99.  This was double what I wanted to spend, but I splurged because I used some money I received for Christmas (and I like it twice as well as the Oi Oi).


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