Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Bo, Almost a year without being "sick"...not bad...

Sure, you had/have your tummy and MSPI issues, and you've had one rattling cough we got meds for, but this is the first time you've actually been sick, with a fever and everything.  It. Is. Pitiful.  You woke up Monday night crying and burning up.  We gave you Tylenol, and got cold washrags, and rocked and sang until you calmed down.  You just cried and whimpered, and it broke our hearts!  I can't imagine all those children with serious health problems, or even those children with chronic ear infections, etc.  I'm so thankful you've been a relatively healthy little guy.

You have no interest in being anywhere but our laps.  And guess what?  That's just fine by us!  I haven't experienced you sitting this still in my lap in...quite a long time.

I hope you kick this thing sooner rather than later, but until then...I'm relishing every snuggle!

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  1. Poor baby--give him sugars!!! Hope that he gets feeling better soon!!!! Glad that yall had a fun Mommy and Me weekend!!!--when they get older and decided they want to go huntin--we can have a girls weekend;)