Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Bo, It was a Mommy weekend...

And unfortunately, I was terrible at taking pictures (and those I did take were awful!)...

Daddy went hunting for the weekend, and we had our very first Mommy and Me weekend!  On Friday, we stayed in for date night since it was snowy.  We cooked pizza, read books, you played and played in the bath, then we rocked and sang and snuggled until you went to bed.  Yep.  Perfect date night.

You got up early on Saturday morning so we turned on some cartoons, baked some cinnamon rolls (which you loved!!), then played until nap time.
I got super productive on Saturday and went through your things and rearranged your room (separate post on that coming).  I was so happy to put away so many things we don't use anymore (burp cloths, smaller size clothing, lots of the receiving blankets, etc.), but I'll be honest and say lots of tears were shed.  I just can't believe how quickly this year has gone by.  Please slow down with your growing.

Saturday night we went to Claire's and watched the first half of the Aggie game (which was awful).  I am sick that I did not take a single picture!  I was too busy keeping you off of Travis and Rebecca's legs!  You are really into crawling to someone's leg and climbing up it.  I found an A&M windsuit and dressed you in it.  So cute!  You went night night easily, and I watched the Ags play a much better second half.
We got up and went to church on Sunday.  You are such a wiggle worm in church now!  You usually make it through communion, then I let you play in the nursery until the closing song.  Ms. Willie and Ms. McCowan are crazy about you.
You took a great nap after church and shortly after you woke, Daddy was home!  We enjoyed a family date night and played a bit before we put you down.

I know someday you'll go with Daddy hunting for the weekend, and I'll be glad y'all can have special time together.  But until you're big enough to do that, I'm going to eat every Mommy and Me weekend up!


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