Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dear Bo, It was a Daddy weekend...

The 3 of us went on our date night for sushi on Friday night.  You would not stop turning around looking at the table behind us.  Since I have a eavesdropping obsession, I really appreciated your efforts (though you'll have to learn to be more discrete).

 Saturday morning I went to Albuquerque on a Christmas shopping trip with some girlfriends, and you and Daddy went to the ranch to hunt.  Daddy got snuggles from Cousin Blaze.
Brooks charmed everyone with his yummy smiles and thighs.
And you 3 boys had a group bath (which you weren't fond of), got in your jammies, and played together.
Your sweet Aunt Amber watched you while the boys hunted (thanks, Aunt Amber!  we love you!).


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