Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Bo, Mommy and me weekend...

Daddy went to see some of his peeps in H-town so you and I stayed in this weekend.  We had a date night with Daddy on Friday night before we dropped him off at the airport.  Then we dropped by Hobby Lobby and Wal Mart before turning in.  Exciting stuff!

Saturday we got up and had breakfast and played a bit.  You were in a fun mood.
Then we ran a few errands, and I got to work on decorating for Christmas while you took a nap.  It was more playing (with your Little People Christmas sets and your walker) and decorating after lunch.
We even went out for a ride in your new wagon. 
You were a good boy in Bible class on Sunday and took good naps when we got home while I worked on pictures and blogging. You played bunches and wore yourself out!


A fun weekend with just the 2 of us!


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