Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dear Bo, Reflections on Christmas 2010...

I love buying gifts for other people.  I start WAY early in the year because I want to get just the right thing, and I want to spread out the joy of buying and not cram it all into one month.  I hate having to buy last minute gifts and feeling rushed or like I have to settle.  There's few things I like buying more than children's gifts.  From the moment Brileigh was born, I have enjoyed spoiling nieces and nephews with gifts!

And this year?  Getting to spoil my very own baby?  It was as fun as I imagined it would be.  Seeing little gifts with your name on it wrapped under the tree in juvenile Christmas paper, seeing ornaments with your name on the tree, filling your room with a few special Christmas items, seeing your eyes get big when you saw the Christmas tree, watching your plump fingers reach for ornaments or pull the ribbon on Christmas packages, reading Christmas books and singing "Frosty the Snowman"...just more things I'll add to my very long list of "all things Mommy" I have enjoyed this year.  I love that we're starting new traditions for our family of 3.  The Eve of Christmas Eve was such a fun night, and our own Christmas morning was so fun, too!

Christmas with cousins are among some of my favorite memories growing up.  Like you, I had bunches of cousins, and spending part of my Christmas holiday with them was a highlight.  I'm so glad you have that, and I pray you'll be able to enjoy Christmas with them for years to come.  I sometimes complain that it's not a lot of fun spending a bunch of your Christmas holiday on the road like we did this year.  But looking back to when I was a kid, I don't remember ever thinking the road trips were a drag.  I just remember how fun it was to be together.  And looking back on this Christmas with you, I can see what a true blessing it is to be with so much family for Christmas.  There will come a day when some of your cousins (and maybe even you) will have sports commitments, conflicting schedules, etc., and we won't all be able to be together.  Realizing this reminds me to enjoy this season in our lives when we can all be together and hear the squeals and giggles of lots of little ones instead of focusing on the driving, the packing, the food prep, the messes, and the inevitable holiday chaos that pops up.

I loved last Christmas.  You were such a snuggly, sweet smelling, precious, tiny, tiny newborn.  I loved this Christmas.  You were such a fun, healthy, happy little boy.  I can't wait to list all the reasons I will love next Christmas.


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