Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Bo, Weekend review continued (Saturday and Sunday)...

Saturday was a day of getting odds and ends done at the house.  We also managed to grocery shop and watch the Ags beat Arkansas!
You looked so handsome Sunday at church in your Strasburg longalls (but I forgot to take a picture!).  You were a good boy in Sunday school, though when I went to pick you up you were short two shoes and one sock!

We had fun lounging around on Sunday after church.  It was gorgeous weather so we took you around the neighborhood in your red wagon (you had the biggest grin the whole way, but Momma forgot her camera!).  Daddy worked on some things outside; one of your favorite things is to laugh at him through the window.
 You love the walker Mimi and Pop got you for your birthday.  One of my favorite memories of you this Christmas will be you walking to the tree and gaping at it.
 That evening we visited a live nativity.


It may have been 7 weeks since we spent a weekend all together, but it was worth the wait!


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