Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear Reader, It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I love Christmas!  Since Jonathan was out of town, I spent the weekend getting the house festive, watching cheesy Christmas movies on Lifetime and the Hallmark channel, and even made some Christmas cookies.

I put one tree in the family area that's more of a "froo-froo" tree--just pretty stuff in decor that's not traditional Christmas colors.
 And another tree in the formal living area.  This is the traditional Christmas red and green tree...

I love ornaments and get them as souvenirs whenever I travel.  I love putting them up and remembering the trips where I found them. 
Of course, I love all of Bo's first ornaments.  I put up ornaments from when I was a kid.
And when Jonathan was a little guy.
Aggie ornaments.
Ornaments my Mammaw made (no one loved Christmas more than my Mammaw!).
And just plain pretty ornaments.
I love, love, love wrapping presents and making them beautiful.  I usually wrap children's gifts in one print and adult gifts in another.

This is a favorite, fun Christmas pillow I picked up a few years ago.
And an Aggie Santa my mom got me one year.
This nutrcracker is a favorite of mine.
As well as these Fitz and Floyd figurines I received for a wedding gift 10 years ago.
And some new additions...these Little People Christmas and Nativity sets!  Christmas has always been a lot of fun, especially once my siblings had children, but now that I have my's even more fun!
I try to add a couple of decorations each year.  This year I'm on the hunt for a neat Advent calendar, some Christmas mugs, and a Milk and Cookies dish set.  I planned on getting stockings, but now I've decided to wait until our family is complete before ordering any.  I want to make sure they all match.  For now, I'm using these stockings I received as a wedding gift that I really like...


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