Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dear Bo, Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday)...

Saturday you were a bit of a fuss bucket in the morning so you and me stayed out of the house and ran errands.

While you napped, Daddy and I got in some productivity.  He worked outside, while I worked inside.

{organized toy closet}
 {new picture for play area}
 {new puzzle organizer}
 {cleaned out beds, fresh mulch, and potted annuals}
 {topiary hibiscus}

After a good long nap you were good to go!  You enjoyed your snack of goldfish at your play table (with a vigilent Scout nearby...)

 And had a ball in the pool...
 {The phone is for you, Daddy.}
 {Hello?  You're looking for Bo?}
 {It's for you...}
 {Sliding time}
 Then it was time to play and laugh outside with Momma and Daddy...

Swinging with Daddy... 
 Digging in the bird bath...
 And playing with the slide with Daddy were all a hit!

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