Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear Memory Bank, CLE in DFW (Part I of II)

I had a CLE in Fort Worth so my boys came with me for some playtime while I went to class.  Much like last year, a great time was had by all.

We drove to Fort Worth on Tuesday afternoon.  Bo was good in the car, but lost it the last hour.  I don't blame him; I was sick and tired of the car, too.  We got checked into our hotel (which was beautiful and spacious), and Bo lost all interest in sleeping.  He was simpled out and ended up crashing with me while Daddy slept in the other bed in the room.  He's not slept with us since he's been a little older, and I must say it was so sweet to wake to his breathing and grunts and especially his giggles when morning came and he realized he was in bed with Momma.

While I went to class on Wednesday, the boys played in the room.  Then we snuck off for a visit to the Zoo.  It was HOT.  There were trees and shade at the zoo, but it was still stifling.  Bo was happy but sweaty!

We saw lots of animals,
Rode the carousel,
Played in the play barn,
and  finished the visit with what else?  Ice cream!
We got back to the hotel and went for a swim (unfortunately, I didn't get any pic...half of it was just 2 inches of water with plenty of sprinklers for you to play in.  But you didn't want to play in that end wanted us to hold you in the "deep end".  You would laugh and smile while we were in the water and fuss and whine when we got out.

That evening (after a long nap), we had dinner with our friends and enjoyed catching up.  Don't you love the kind of friends for whom time and distance are irrelevant?  Bo stayed up late and had no trouble going night night (in the bathroom---don't was really spacious).  We all had a much needed great night's rest.


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