Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dear Memory Bank, CLE in DFW (Part II of II)

On Thursday, I spent the day at class, while the boys hung out in the room and walked around.
{Bo at the water gardens.}
We met at the pool for lunch, then I returned to class while the boys napped.  Later that night, we met the Brown's for dinner.  Bo and The One went to stay the night with them while I shopped a bit and had a girls' night out.
 On Friday, I finished class while the boys went to the park and swam at the Brown's. 
 We all met for dinner and spent the rest of the weekend playing in the water, playing Domino's, going to soccer games, and enjoying each other.  I was terrible about taking pictures.  In fact, the only other pictures I have are ones my niece and nephew took at Brileigh's soccer game (the Cole's were in town for a tournament)...
  All in all, it was a great trip.  Bo adapted well to a varied schedule, and we all survived the heat.  Another fun set of memories!


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