Friday, June 3, 2011

Dear Bo, Memorial Day Weekend (Sunday and Monday)...

I stayed up until almost midnight Saturday night finishing my latest book. That was a mistake!  At 3am, I heard babbling.  You were happy as a lark but wide awake.  After trying for an hour and half to get you back to sleep, we gave up and let you watch Cat in the Hat in our room while we tried to catch some extra zzzz's.

Amazingly, you never went back to sleep and were pretty happy.  We went to early service then headed for the ranch.  You fell asleep on the way there, but you didn't sleep more than a half hour.  When we got there, you were set to have fun with your cousins!
{Sand box time!}
 {Playing in the sprinkler without your britches on is the best.}
{Eating dirt is fun, too, though.}
We played outside on Monday despite the wind.  We swang, played in the sandbox, and rode the four wheeler.
 We got in a little work, too.  Daddy and Pop worked outside, while you kept close tabs on them.

We got home early afternoon and went to the pool.  You loved it!  It was definitely an enjoyable 4 day weekend!

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