Friday, December 30, 2011

Dear Bo, A Bozeman Christmas...

When I was growing up, we did the gift exchange between immediate family members on Christmas Eve then Santa came on Christmas morning.  We still do Christmas Eve together, but now instead of 6 of us, there are 21!  We have Mexican food, and this year, all my Bozeman aunts and uncles were able to join us, too.  Lots of fun (and pretty loud).

{The most well behaved one there-Bronte's first Christmas}

{An attempt at a grandkid picture without adults}

 {A little better with Pop}

{But definitely better with Mimi and Pop}

{My little brother's fam}

{My big brother's fam}

{Another great pic of us in front of the tree.  Ha!}

{My big sis's fam}

{Opening gifts with Daddy}

{Playing with your new tractor}

Sunday morning we went to church together then had a lazy day.  You spent most of the day in the garage play area watching Nemo.  You cannot get enough of that show right now!  I can't believe I missed getting a picture of it, but we had a white Christmas!  You have been here 3 Christmases, and two of them have been white; that's rare, son.

{Watching Nemo with Pop}

{Watching Nemo with Brody}


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