Monday, December 5, 2011

Dear Bo, You're 24 months old...

2 years old! 

Here's what you're up to:
  • You wear 24 months bottoms, 2T tops, a size 7 shoe, and a size 4 diaper.
  • You are 35 inches long (50-75%), 30 pounds 6 ounces (75%), and your head circumference is 19.25 (50%).
  • You are a solid little thing.
  • You're getting a mouthful of teeth, but you haven't even started getting your 2 year molars.  Great.
  • You have your on and off days eating.  Generally, you like nutrigrain bars or yogurt for breakfast with some fruit, you generally eat leftovers or chicken nuggets or a PBJ sandwich for lunch with veggie sticks and fruit, and you have what we're having for dinner.  You love fruit snacks, goldfish and cheerios.  You drink about 24 ounces of milk a day and very watered down juice in between meals.
  • You generally get up between 7-7:30am, watch cartoons then have breakfast and play, have lunch and go down for a 2.5-3 hour nap at noon, have supper with us around 6pm, start bathtime around 7:30pm, and are in bed by 8pm. 
  • Now that you're 2, we've turned you around in your car seat, and you love it!  After 2 years, I've finally rejoined Daddy in the front seat (yes, you are spoiled).
  • Now that you're 2, we also eliminated your milk at bedtime.  You seem fine with it.
  • Your vocabulary consists of:  momma, dada, peas (please), bye-bye, hi, uh-oh, wow, uhhh, and ah-dee (who knows what this means?).  You are not a big talker (not in word we understand anyway).  You've been working with a speech therapist for 3 months now, but you're just not wanting to talk.  I'm trusting that your speech will take off eventually.
  • You make all of your animal sounds, point to all of your body parts, are a puzzle whiz, can do all of your touch and feel farm flashcards, and follow a long in a book like a champ.
  • My favorite word that you say right now is "wow".  When you see Christmas lights, I adore hearing "wowwww".  Momma is pretty cute, too.  You say more of a ma-maaa.
  • You love making truck sounds and playing with trucks and cars, going down your slide, putting puzzles together, looking at books, watching Bubble Guppies, Cat in the Hat, and Dora, and riding the electric 4 wheeler you got for your birthday.
  • You are quite the teaser.  You cut your eyes and wait for a reaction.
  • When you give kisses, you say "mwaa" really loudly.
  • You don't enjoy the word "no".  (who does?)  You start fussing when you hear it.
  • You smile and laugh constantly.  You have a big ol' belly laugh.
  • You're doing great at school.  You march right in and haven't cried once when we've left you.
  • You're just so much fun.  You like to play and interact, and you're learning new things constantly.  Sometimes I can literally see the wheels turning in your little brain; I wish I could read your thoughts!
  • We love you, little man.  You're 2!

{Two-November 2011}

{One-November 2010}

{1 Day-November 2009}

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