Friday, December 9, 2011

Dear Bo, Cousins are the best...

As I was headed to work last Monday, Aunt Lori texted me that your cousin Brody was packing his bag because he wanted to come to town with his daddy (who was coming here for work) and see Bo.  I thought, "why not?".  Y'all could play together during the day with the nanny, and we could play at night!

You had so much fun.  SO. MUCH. FUN.  (And according to reports from Aunt Lori, Bro-Bro had "super lots of fun".)  We kept busy...

When he got here late Monday afternoon, we headed to the playground.  You chased him everywhere, laughing all the way.  Then it was burgers and fries at Blue Sky.

Tuesday, the nanny took you to the Discovery Center.  She said you had a ball.  That night his daddy came for supper, and they played basketball inside, while you ran around them in circles giggling.

Wednesday, y'all went to Jump n Jive, and the nanny reports you both had a great time.  So much fun that when I asked Brody what he wanted to do that afternoon...go to the movie or Chuck E. Cheese's, he said he wanted to go back to Jump n Jive.  So we grabbed Chick f La, and back to Jump n Jive we went!  Some of the bounce houses were a little big for you, but Brody was so sweet to you and helped you up everywhere and just encouraged you along.  "Come on, Bo!  You can do it!  Just two steps left!"  I can tell he has big sisters for sure!

Each night Brody was here, we gave you both baths, put you to bed, then popped popcorn and watched a movie with Brody.  On his last night, he wanted you to stay up and watch it, too.  So we put you in your coordinating jammies, y'all sat on the couch with your popcorn, and we all enjoyed some Toy Story 3.  All was well and good until your popcorn was empty, and you started stealing Brody's!  It was actually good then, too, as he was so sweet to share with you.

Brody went home on Thursday, and I was so sad for you.  You checked the house for him and kind of sulked.  You had so much fun with him!  You mostly chased him and laughed at every single thing he did.

Bro-Bro, we are so glad you came to visit us!  Thank you for being so patient and kind to your little cousin!  We love you!


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  1. Thanks aunt Min for letting me come! I had super fun! I love u!