Friday, December 2, 2011

Dear Bo, The rest of Thanksgiving and your birthday....

Mimi and Pop came up on Wednesday night, and we had a low key Thanksgiving lunch with the five us on Thursday.  Then Pop went back to work and Daddy went to the ranch hunting for the weekend.  We shopped with Mimi, got things ready for your party, and cooked and froze a lot of food. 

{Watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving in Mimi's lap}

We headed to the farm on Saturday morning to get ready for your party, then came back after church on Sunday.

{Mimi & Pop}

{Goofing around with Pop before church}

You took a little nap when we got home, then you opened your presents from me and Daddy. 

{You were thrilled to open presents again}

You love your new ride!


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