Monday, January 16, 2012

Dear Bo, Visit from the cousins...

The Browns came and visited us this weekend.  They got here on Thursday and left on Sunday so we had lots of time to play and catch up!  Last time they came to Amarillo, you looked like this:

Needless to say, this time, you 3 had much more fun together!

On Friday, you played all morning until the Daddys took y'all to the water area at WT after nap time.  Then it was supper and more playing!

On Saturday we played at home,

went to the Discovery Center,

took naps, then went to the park before supper.

After bath time, there was some dancing in the living room to wear you out before bedtime.

We went to church on Sunday then enjoyed breakfast together before they headed out.

It was so fun to see you with your cousins.  My favorite parts of the weekend were:
  • you "playing the DS" with Alyssa
  • you following Cade's every move and laughing at every single thing he did (and how sweet he was with you!)
  • the three of you dancing in the living room (your signature move was "the running man")
  • the slurping noise you made when Aggie was around
  • the girls smoking the boys in 42
  • watching the Miss America pageant and the commentary that went along with it
Thanks for the visit, Browns!  We love you!


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