Monday, January 23, 2012

Dear Bo, Your first bump, birthday, and a grumpy Cowboy...

You went to your first non-family birthday party on Saturday at the Donut Stop.  You weren't too interested in mingling with the other kiddos and kept trying to escape the party!  Guess some of my anti-socialness has rubbed off on you!  You were quite interested in the balloon though.

We went to open gym at ADGC after the party to let you run off some sugar, and you took quite the spill while trying to get on the trampoline!  You were a tough boy though.

You were a little Cowboy, wearing your boots and pearl snapped shirt to church on Sunday.
{Every cowboy needs his cheerios}
{Playing with your tractors} 
 {Grumpy little cowboy}
 {Not being a very tough cowboy}


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