Friday, January 27, 2012

Dear Bo, You're 26 months old...

Stats: You wear a size 4 diaper, a size 7 shoe, 24 months and 2T pants and 2T tops.  

Eating:  Your eating phase continues!  One thing I don't think that I've mentioned is how much you love Chick-F-la nuggets!  You can hammer some nuggets.  I quit buying goldfish and replaced them with oyster crackers (lower fat content), and you haven't missed a beat.  You're also into veggie straws and fruit this month (mostly grapes and cutie oranges, but strawberries, blueberries and apples are mixed in there, too).  One thing I can't get you to eat much of is veggies and bananas these days.

Sleeping:  Mercy me, sweet boy, you gave us a run for our money for most of December and the first part of January!  After Christmas, you continued waking in the middle of the night, but this time, you didn't go back down so easily.  There was nothing we could do that would help so we ended up giving you some Ibuprofen, tucking you in and loving on you, then practicing some tough love and turning up both of our noise makers until morning.  We were nervous when your cousins came that you would keep them up.  In fact, we even got a noisemaker for each of their rooms.  But thankfully, that Thursday night is the night you went back to being our champion sleeper!  Now you're back to your 8pm bath and bed, up at 7ish, with a 3 hour nap after lunch routine.  So glad, my little sleeper is back!

Talking:  Your language really started taking off this month!  You will now say:  Momma, Da-da, Daddy, Mimi, Pop, Bo, Nemo, Bible, dino, no (of course!), yeah (we're working on making this yes), shoe, shirt, tra-tor (for tractor), eye, nose, mou (for mouth), ear, yum-yum, bye-bye, and you love making car sounds and animal sounds (especially the lion sound right now).  Every time you see Daddy's truck, you make a vroom-vroom noise.

Favorite Things:  In addition to the usual suspects (Nemo, Bubble Guppies, Cat in the Hat, puzzles, books, cars, trucks), you have been into crawling under things and hiding this month.  Whether it's in the tent or teepee Aunt Jen gave you, under the slide, under a blanket I have over my lap, under the table in the church aren't picky!  You just want to "hide" under things.  So boy!  You are really into action songs right now, too.  You can do all the motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider, Head-Shoulders-Knees-Toes, and Wheels on the Bus.  You love being sung to.  You still love giving really loud kisses.  

You have turned into a huge Daddy's boy this month!  I can honesty say you've never really showed a big preference to one of us.  We both bathe you, put you down, help with dinner, etc.  You've never been much of a Momma or Daddy's boy (which is really nice--we each have shared the load), but are all about your Daddy.  You have a breakdown if he walks out of the house without you (even if it's just in the garage to throw out some trash).  You'll produce real tears and everything!  I can't blame you...he's pretty neat.

Happy, happy.  That's still how I'd describe you.  


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