Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dear Memory Bank, A weekend in Austin...

I spoke at a conference in Austin on Tuesday, so The One and I headed out early to enjoy a little weekend getaway alone.  I don't know that we'll get the opportunity to do that again before Baby 2 so it may just be our baby-moon!

We stayed at Lost Pines, and it was so nice.  I'm sure it would be really neat in the summer when all the water fun is open, but the winter rates were great, and our room was so nice and so spacious (they upgraded us to a Jr. Suite--highly recommend).

{A coffee, chocolate croissant and book by the fire}
{View from our balcony} 
 {View from the 12th hole}
{The Front}
We haven't been back to College Station since 2005 (yikes!) so we got up on Sunday and drove the short 90 miles there.  It was so great to go down memory lane!!

{Our favorite breakfast before church}
 {Oh, man, how I miss our old church!}
 {My old apartment-top left}
 {One of our favorite places to eat...Koppe Bridge}
 {Kyle Field...of course!}
 {We went to a women's basketball game--and even got free tickets from some nice Ags on the way in}
 {Bolton Hall--where I worked.  We also visited all the places The One worked on campus in college...there were so many places I'm not posting all the pictures!!}
 {Neeley Hall--my freshman dorm}
 {The Century Tree--where The One proposed}

 {So true...}
 {The Bonfire memorial}

On Monday, we relaxed at Lost Pines until checkout, then we headed into Austin and had lunch at one of my favorite places, did a little bargain shopping, watched a movie, and had dinner at another favorite place before heading back to the hotel so I could prep for my session.

It was such a nice weekend away, all the more so because we knew our little buddy was happy as a lark!


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