Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dear Bo, You've got a love hate relationship with this gal...


  • One of the first thing you do in the mornings when you wake up is point at her and make me say her name (you still won't say it).
  • One of the last things you do at night is point to her and jabber (she lays by the rocker while we do our bedtime routine).
  • When she snoozes on the couch (or anywhere else), you say "shhhhh" to make sure we're aware she's sleeping.
  • You think it's hilarious to get in her face until she licks you and to touch her ears and say "ear, ear, ear".
  • You pat her gently (but see disclaimer below).
  • You really wear her out when she eats your cheerios and oyster crackers.  You'll say "no, no, no" and sometimes give her a swift kick (despite the many times you've been reprimanded for doing this).  Funny thing is, you set her up for this.  You'll feed her a couple one minute, then go postal when you discover her sneaking a couple more the next minute.
  • If I open the patio door to let her outside to potty, you make sure and chase her out there and slam the door behind her.
  • When we're leaving the house, and I call her to put her in the laundry room, you think it's your job to jabber sternly at her and chase her into the laundry room.
  • Your gentle pats can turn aggressive with no warning at all.


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