Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dear Bo, A weekend at the Cole's...

Daddy went to see family this weekend so we decided to spend the weekend with family, too.  We went to see the Cole's!  I'm sick that while I brought my good camera, the battery was dead so all I have are crappy phone pics.

Oh my goodness, you love these kids (and their Momma).  You can't get enough of Brody Parker.  My, oh my, did you love his room and toys!  It looked like a tornado hit every time you walked in there.  You loved playing outside with them, too, and especially loved four wheeler rides.  You gave Aunt Lori some lovin' and always felt the need to "tell on me" to her.

{Watching Brody play on the iPad}

{Playing outside}

{Sacked out on the ride home}

We love you, Cole's!  Thanks, Aunt Lori, for taking care of my baths and letting Momma rest!


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  1. I love u little man & we enjoyed y'all coming to see us so much!