Friday, February 3, 2012

Dear Bo, While we were in Austin, you were having a ball at the farm...

You had the best time at the farm!  You love your Mimi and Pop, and are especially a Pop's boy at the moment.  They said you were the happiest thing, smiling and laughing, and giving lots of sugars!  Sure made it easy to enjoy ourselves!

{Watching Westerns with Pop}
{Snacking after your nap}
{Being a giggle box on the way to eat}
 {Your favorite toys at Mimi' register, trucks, and baby stroller}
 {Shopping with Mimi}
 {Checking cows}
 {Playing on the tractor}
 {Snack time}
 {Playing in the playroom}

Thanks for a fun weekend, Mimi and Pop!  We love you!

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