Monday, February 27, 2012

Dear Bo, You're 27 months old...

You seem to be transitioning from toddler to little boy more and more every day!

Stats: You wear a size 4 diaper, a size 7 shoe, 24 months and 2T pants and 2T tops.  

Eating:  You've been under the weather with a yucky cough recently so your eating phase has slowed down somewhat.  One thing you ate a ton of this month was strawberries.  With Valentine's came treats, and your favorites were M&M's.

Sleeping:  You were a good sleeper this month.  For several weeks you did cry out once in the middle of the night and need us to come cover you up and pat you, but you went back down easily.  It was almost like you had a bad dream.  You bathe at 8pm and go to bed afterwards.  You wake up around 7am (or earlier lately), and you nap for 2.5-3 hours.   

Talking:  You are saying so much now!  My favorites this month are "love you" (wuv oo) and "thank you"  (tAte oo).  At last, the list of things you say is too long to include!  I got to be home when the speech therapist was here last week, and it was so funny to listen to you do the sounds on the alliteration flash cards you do together.  You are still into making truck sounds and lion sounds, too.  

Favorite Things:  You're still into hiding under things, and you've also been really into "choo-choos" this month.  You love the train table that was passed on to you, and there is a vehicle puzzle with a train that you love to carry around.  You are an expert train spotter!  On the way home from the Cole's this month, you made the "choo-choo" sound every time you saw one.  You love letters and can identify almost all of them, as well as your shapes and colors.  One of my favorite things you started doing this month is "singing" Jesus Loves Me with me (I sing, and you provide "me" in all the appropriate parts).  You are really into my car right now.  When I get home, you like to climb in the driver's seat and push every button you see and play with the steering wheel.  You act like we cut off your arm when we take you out.

We are bracing ourselves for the grumpiest little brother or sister ever, because you are simply the happiest little boy, son.    


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