Monday, February 20, 2012

Dear Bo, A weekend in...

We had quite the weekend!  You went to parents' night out on Friday night while we enjoyed a double date.  You had a ball (and were worn out when we got home).

On Saturday, we went to gym, and you managed to stay injury free!  The past 2 times we've gone, you bopped your head, and busted your lip.

Sunday was church and playing at home.

You're into your computer these days.  Actually, you're into letters in general.  Your favorites are B, E, and O.  You can identify them, and you shout them when you recognize them when we're out and about.  It makes me laugh (and makes me cross my fingers that you'll be a little reader!).

You're also really into your daddy these days.  You are his shadow, and a mini tantrum ensues if he walks out of the house without you, even momentarily.  You've got big shoes to fill, and you apparently know it.


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