Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear Bo, Another family weekend...

This time it was with the Bozeman half...

On Thursday you spent the night at the farm while Momma and Daddy went to Aggie Muster.  I just love that tradition and can't wait to take you one day.  Then Mimi kept you on Friday while the nanny was off.  We met up with you after work.  It was a gorgeous night, and you and your Cole cousins played outside on the swing set and in the sand box until you were too pooped to keep your eyes open any longer.

Saturday was a busy day!  Daddy and I went to watch Landry play tee ball and Bailey play softball (forgot the camera) while you took a nap at the farm.  Then it was time for Brody's 4th birthday party.  Other than the wind, it was a gorgeous day, and you ten kids played and played and played.

{But first you ate--the Kool Aid jammers were a hit!}

{Then it was time for playing outside}
{And egg dyeing}
{And birthday cake}
{And hunting Easter eggs}
{And rides on the mule}

To be continued...


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