Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear Bo, Parents' Night Out...

We planned to drop you off at the Parents' Night Out our church hosts once a month and go out to eat then pack for our weekend until we picked you up at 8pm.  Two out of three happened.  We dropped you off and went and had sushi.  It was the first time we sat at the actual sushi bar (and not at a table that accommodates a high chair) since before you were born.  We decided it was overrated.  Then we talked about you and missed you and decided packing could be done with you at our feet so we picked you up early...
{Climbing in the stuff we were trying to pack}
 {Hmmm...this is my studious look...}
 {This is my stern look}
 {This is my silly look}
 {And this is my preppy look}
Momma says they're all good looks.

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