Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dear Bo, Your buddy (hopefully)...

I had a cousin growing up who was 2 months older than me.  He was a boy cousin, but it didn't matter that we weren't the same sex.  Our proximity in age contributed to our closeness.  It also contributed to our fondness for one another's friends.  My friends thought Stan was so cute (it didn't hurt that he was hilarious, had a heart of gold, and was an accomplished athlete).  And I "went out with" several of his friends (which means we went exactly nowhere...we just liked each other, but that was the term of the day).  We had so much fun in the summers hanging out together, and we couldn't wait to see each other at Christmas to see what one other got from Santa.  I even convinced him to play pretend with me (and convinced him to go by the "pretend name" of Rick; I can't recall what my pretend name was).  It was awesome to grow up with a cousin so close in age.  On Mother's side, 3 of us have cousins our age.  There was a "built in buddy" at family events that was always so fun. 

As our siblings started their families and we decided to postpone ours, that was one thing that made me the most uneasy.  I really wanted you to experience cousins your age.  That's why I was so excited when I got pregnant at the same time as Aunt Amber.  And though I wished for them a little sister for Blaze, I was thrilled when they announced "Blue" just like we did.  You and cousin Brooks are a mere 3 weeks apart in age.  I'm so hopeful for the friendship you will have!  I love when I see you two together and smile as I imagine the buddies you will become...


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  1. Awww...I am so glad they are the same age, too!!!! Funny I have a cousin Matt that is my age that always came to stay a couple of weeks with us that I love to pieces too:) they are going to have a blast!!!!