Friday, April 22, 2011

Dear Bo, A Wedding Weekend...

We went to DFW over the weekend for your Daddy's cousin, Sarah's, wedding.  Your Aunt and Uncle were gracious hosts, and we had such a good time!  You were great on the plane (though a wiggle worm!!), slept well during the day and at night, wore yourself out playing with your cousins and their dog, and were just the friendly, happy boy you usually are!  It was so nice to spend the weekend with Daddy's family.  Thanks, Browns, for sharing your beautiful home and being such gracious hosts!
{At Cousin Cade's soccer game}
{All you wanted to do was run on the field}
{Then you found a ball to play with}
{And Alyssa entertained you}
{While Daddy and Aunt Collyn visited}
{At the wedding on Saturday night.  You stayed with your cousins and a sitter and were a good boy.}
{After church on Sunday}

 {Enjoying the pool on Sunday--you loved the water!!}

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