Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dear Bo, Weekend review (playing outside and the Discovery Center)...

On Saturday before it got too windy, we picked up some flowers for our pots and worked outside a little.  You have developed quite an affection for playing with water so we stripped you to your diaper, filled two pieces of tupperware with water, and let you go at it...

On Sunday, it was ridiculously windy.  I couldn't believe you were even able to take a nap after church because it was so noisy.  When you woke from your nap, we headed to the Discovery Center.

{You weren't crazy about sitting in the saddles this go 'round.}
{The vapor chamber?  So so.}
  {But the mirrored tunnel?  Oh, yeah.  It's still a favorite.}
   {You were also fixated on the dinosaurs again.}


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