Friday, April 29, 2011

Dear Bo, More cousin love...

Not only do I love that you have a cousin your age, but I am thrilled you have so many cousins at all.  In fact, you'll soon have 14 cousins...
 There's just something special about a sis, and mine is no exception (in fact, she is the rule).  I love that her children adore you so, and you feel nothing but adoration in return.  The girls tote you around like you're their little brother (or doll!), and Bro-Bro is so sweet with you.  I smile at all the things he will teach you.

{Nothing says cousin love like a bath and matching pajamas}
{Except group pictures in your Easter best}


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  1. Sis I love you and I love Bo as my own!!!! You're a wonderful mother, wife, and SISTER!!!