Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dear Bo, You're 21 months old...

21 months old?  How did this happen?  Here's what you're up to:
  • You weigh around 29 pounds; I'm not sure about the other stats.
  • You wear mostly 12-18 month clothes, but some 18-24 months shirts work, too.  You wear a size 4 diaper and a size 6 shoe.
  • You're rockin' the same ol' schedule:  wake around 7:30am, have milk and some breakfast, have milk and lunch around 11:45 or 12pm, then down for a nap (which lately has been 2 hours), juice and snack, milk and supper around 6pm, then bath and bed at around 8pm. 
  • You have 12 teeth now.  Middle 4 top and bottom and 1 molar on each side.  Teething has disrupted your nighttime sleep this month.  When your sleep is disrupted, I'm always reminded of your non-sleeping infancy and so very grateful that you're such a good sleeper now. 
  • You are a happy boy.  You smile and giggle constantly.  So much so that sometimes we wonder, "is this normal?"  You have these hysterical laughing fits that sometimes freak us out.
  • You love:  throwing 2 small balls over and off your little slide (over and over again), pushing any kind of button (remote, alarm system, microwave, phone), clapping, watching Bubble Guppies, chasing and kicking Scout, closing doors, and eating goldfish.
  • You don't love: hearing the word 'no', having clothes put on or off, and having your shoes put on.
  • At the first of the month, you were seriously into acting out when you were frustrated. You would hold your hand up (like a heil Hitler pose) and slam it down, while yelling, "tuh". We've been working on it, and thankfully, we don't see as much of it these days.
  • You are a thick little guy.  I can't resist your chubby hands, chubby feet, and chubby, chubby legs. 
  • You're verbalizing more:  you say Momma, Dadda, dee (drink), peas (please), fi (fish), bye-bye, and you'll try to say many other things we encourage you to say.  When you want something you either rub your chest (sign language for please) or do sign language for more.  I'm pretty much puddy when you do either.
  • While I'm still torn with you inching closer to 2, I'm enjoying the new freedoms:  I no longer take a diaper bag anywhere; it's just a snack in the purse, and we're good to go.  You eat what we eat at restaurants, and you love getting your own drink at a restaurant.  You're just so easy now.
  • A-d-o-r-e you.  We adore you.
{Then-August 2010}
{Now-August 2011}

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  1. He is SO handsome, Mindy!

    And get ready for a vocabulary explosion in the coming months! It's so awesome when they can actually "talk"!

    I love the monthly updates. I only did them with Britton for the first year as well as weekly. And Bishop, well, poor second kid does have some pics on the blog here and there. ;)