Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dear Me, If yours were a chapter book life... would read something like this:

{Chapter One}  The Early Years: A loving but firm childhood on the farm

{Chapter Two} The School Years: A confident, fun loving girl conquers grade school
{Chapter Three}  The Junior High Years:  Confidence waivers, a wobby walk through junior high
{Chapter Four}  The High School Years:  An insecure, anxiety-ridden adolescent experiences the highs and lows of high school
{Chapter Five}  Young Love: What I learned from my first loves
{Chapter Six}  Regrets: Mistakes made, friends lost, family hurt
{Chapter Seven} The College Years:  A confident, fun loving girl gets her groove back
{Chapter Eight} God's Mercies:  Meeting and marrying Jonathan
{Chapter Nine}  Godly Women:  The things my Granny and Mammaw taught me
{Chapter Ten}  No Idle Hands Here:  The Deere years, law school, and a legal career

{Chapter Eleven}  Married Without Children:  The first 9 years with Jonathan 
{Chapter Twelve} Everything I Never Knew I Was Missing: Becoming a mother
{Chapter Thirteen}  Family:   Becoming friends with the family chosen for you
{Chapter Fourteen}  Friends:  Becoming family with the friends chosen by you
{Chapter Fifteen}  Marriage:  "Doing Life" with a true partner

{Chapter Fifteen}  Self:  Remembering me, while being her (wife, momma, daughter, friend, attorney)


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