Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dear Memory Bank, Galveston Days 1 and 2...

Our flight to Houston went smoothly.  Bo was a pretty happy boy.  The flight wasn't full so he was able to have free reign in the seat between us which always helps.  I got a few new things to entertain him, and they worked like a charm.  Lately he's been obsessed with Bubble Guppies, so we downloaded a few new episodes to our phones.  I also got him one of these, and he loved it.

A friend let us borrow their car seat travel tote, and it made packing so easy!  We had two checked bags, checked the car seat tote (and stuffed it with diapers, bedding, etc.), and then carried on a diaper bag, personal bag, and gate checked the stroller.  Easy peasy!

We rented a car in Houston and met up with The One's sister's family.  We grocery shopped then checked into our beach house.  We rented through VRBO, and rented both the up and downstairs unit of Bob's Beach House.  Though not loved by all, it met all of my requirements:  clean, inexpensive, and convenient to the beach.  That night we had dinner and got settled in.  Bo decided he'd sleep in our bed instead of his, which was actually rather sweet.  Though he rarely gets in our bed at home, when he does, he bounces around instead of sleeping so to have him actually cuddle up and sleep by me was pretty sweet.

Wednesday we were up and at 'em to the beach.  The Browns brought a tent so we had ample shade at the beach.  It was windy all week, which was actually appreciated because it kept us cooler than otherwise.  The One's dad and grandmother came for the day, and we enjoyed visiting.

{"Base camp"}

The older kids had boogie boards, and they had a lot of fun trying to ride the waves.  Bo loved the sand and having the waves come up to him. 

{Zane with the boogie board.  Bo and Daddy playing in the ocean.}
{Alyssa and Campbell}
{Cade and Campbell}
{Playing in the sand.}
{All nerdy in our Coolibar hats, but hey--no sunburns!}
{Aunt Collyn and Bo}
  He didn't so much love his cousins trying to pick him up though. 


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