Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear Memory Bank, Galveston Day 3...

Bo slept in his own bed Wednesday night so we woke up Thursday refreshed!  It was another day at the beach, and the "big boys" also took the older kids putt putting.  The One's parents and grandmother came for the day so there were a lot of people for Bo to visit with.

After dinner we went on a walk at the beach and got some of my very favorite pictures from the trip.

{We could not get Bo to get a group shot right by the 4 older kids.}
{When we tried, this would happen.}
{Or this}
{So we resorted to The One chasing him around the kids in hopes of getting him near them smiling.}
{The kids are crazy about Uncle Jonathan}
{The best we could do for a family of 3 shot.}
{Because moments later, Bo looked like this}
{Father and son time}
{One of my favorite pics of all time...my boy and the moon}


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