Friday, August 19, 2011

Dear Memory Bank, Galveston Day 5...

We packed up Saturday morning, said farewell to the beach, and headed to The One's grandmother's house to spend time with her, The One's parents, and his sweet Aunt Dorothy.  No one is getting any younger, so it's always extra special to visit with his grandmother and aunt.  This visit did not disappoint.  Bo seemed to know how special they are, and doled out kisses, winning them over.

{Kisses for Granmama}
{Kisses for Aunt Dorothy}
{His grandmother got her share of kisses, too.}
{Playing with GranDa was extra fun}
{I love the joyful look Mary has on her face in this picture}
{And I love how Bo is puckering up in this picture}
{The Talley Side}
{The Zanowiak Side}
We caught our flight late afternoon, and Bubble Guppies and the magna doodle did their trick for the most part.  We had a delay in Dallas, though, and the flight was full so it was a little more work to keep Bo happy and quiet.  We were only moderately successful.
{Bubble Guppies and Goldfish}

We were all happy to be home Saturday night.  Bo was so pooped that he slept from 8pm-9am and had a 3.5 hour nap on Sunday. 

Overall, it was a great vacation.  Lots of sweet memories were made (and many captured on camera...hurray!).
{My favorite pic of the 3 of us from the trip}

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