Monday, August 8, 2011

Dear Vacation, How I love the anticipation of you...

We'll be off work all week for vacation so the end of last week and the weekend was spent in vacation prep mode.  For me, the anticipation of the vacation is often times as good as the vacation itself. 
  • I get my house in order.
  • I get my office in order.
  • I get to plan, plan, plan.
What's not to love?  

On Friday, we enjoyed a little family date night at our favorite sushi place then played outside. 

{We recently got this screen for our patio door, and Bo thinks he's hot stuff marching through it.}
 On Saturday, we played, I worked a little, and The One worked outside a lot.  On Sunday, we enjoyed church, did a lot of packing (one of my very favorite things), and hung out all day.  And today, I've worked a little while the boys played, we went to the Discovery Center, and we're all packed up for our beach vacation tomorrow.  Tonight's also the last meeting for my summer Bible study so I'm all ready for that (which has been a real treat to host).  It's so nice to have an entire week off from work.  I'm looking forward to spending all week with my boys!


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