Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear Bo, As if her being an Aggie wasn't enough...

She also wears smocked Bishop dresses!  (Be still my heart; there are few combinations I love more on little girls!)
The Ags played OSU last Thursday night, and we were set to have a get together with the McPhersons.  I was so excited!  But, it was not to be...I got sick so you and Daddy went and had fun without me. 

It indeed looked like a lot of fun...

It was all smiles in the beginning (this must have been when it was 14-0 for a bit)...
You even played her a little ditty on her drums...
But then you did what any respectable young man would do, you shielded her eyes from the reality that is A&M football (I'm not sure what turnover this was on, but I'm sure it was one of the 5).
You didn't have the stomach to watch anymore so you hung your head, while Claire looked on in disappointment.
 Maybe things will look better in 2032, kiddos.



  1. Ridulously cute!!!! I laughed aloud!!!!!:)---such a ladies man:)!!!!!

  2. so I can't spell---that is ridiculous:)hahah Hope yall are doing good!!!!

  3. oh my gosh! i'm just now reading this but i love it! totally how the night went! we missed you!