Friday, October 22, 2010

Dear Bo, Meanwhile back at the farm (Day 5)...

7:41am:  He had a great nite.  He likes sleeping on the farm.  Eating better today.  Watching toons.
 Hi Mommy.
12:34pm:  Hope you don’t get mad.  But he loves crackers.

Time unknown:  Not needy today.  He didn’t eat good yesterday and slept a lot.  I think he was teething. 
Chewed on fingers yesterday.  Today ate good.  I gave him his favorite…peas.  Teeth haven’t bothered him today.

12:46pm:  Happy anniversary.

2:23pm:  Bo is the best thing to go to sleep.  He has not cried once when he goes to sleep.  I guess he plays hard.  Napping now.  Will text later after he wakes up.

3:52pm:  Guess what I’m doing?
8:19pm:  Like clock work.  He is so good to go to bed.


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