Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear Bo, Meanwhile back at the farm (Day 4)...

Incoming from Mimi…

7:54am:  Chewing on fingers.  Maybe teething again.  Had a good night.  Up at 7.  Sweet baby boy.

8:15am:  We are doing fine.  Go have fun.  Jamie coming over for lunch.  He looks up at all the pictures on my bookcase and just smiles.  He really is noticing things.

8:59am:  He likes the pumpkin lights.

12:32pm:  I love my pooka.  He takes a 2 ½ hour nap every morning.  Woke up happy.

2:10pm:  Back asleep.  His eating is off today but he is sleeping ok.  I think he’s trying to get another bottom tooth.

5:07pm:  Pooka slept 3 hours and woke up happy.  Glad since going to church.  Hope he likes Bible class.
8:35pm:  Pooka asleep for the nite.  Daddy stayed home with him.  Was a little needy so I thought it would be better for him to stay with Pop.  He is fine.  Went to sleep without fussing.  Will text you tomorrow morning.  Have a good night.  He has been good.


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