Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear Memory Bank, Tuesday, Day 3: A relaxing day at the beach…

We got up early (why can I not get up early at home, but when I’m on vacation I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed??) and went and had breakfast at the resort restaurant. The restaurant has some great views.

After booking some excursions, we took a walk along the Malecon.  There were plenty of things to see. 

We did a little shopping (translation: price checking) then trekked back to the resort for lunch and more beach time.  I finished my first book today and started my second.  I hope to get at least a couple of pleasure books under my belt this trip.  I’m trying out the Kindle this trip and so far I like it.
After enjoying sunset at the resort restaurant, we had a delicious meal at Joe Jack’s Fish Shack.  We had the best ceviche and some yummy fish tacos.


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