Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear Bo, Meanwhile back at the farm (Day 3)...

Incoming from Mimi...

8:54am:  Morning.  Had good nite.  Going to lunch with Pop.  Have fun today
Great night.  Woke up at 7am.  Happy.  Ate breakfast and playing.
Going to eat with daddy at lunch.  Rosa is coming at 11:00am.  Will send a text this afternoon so y’all go have fun.  He’s being a good boy.

2:06pm:  He is playing in floor.  Watching Mickey Mouse.
 He likes playing with measuring cups and spoons
2:53pm:  Bo is the best baby.  I know  when it’s nap time cause he lays his head on the floor.  I put him in bed with his stuffed toys and he never cries and goes to sleep.  He’s napping.
6:36pm: Had a good day…hope you are having fun.  Fixing to eat.  Bo has already ate.

 8:08pm:  Pooka asleep.  Have a fun nite


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