Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dear Bo, Weekend review (visitors and packing)...

We spent most of the week getting things ready for our trip and getting in as much time as possible with you!  We savored bath and bedtime even more than we usually do and took some extra pictures, too. 
You and Daddy had boys’ night on Friday night while I spent some time with my girlfriend.  She didn’t fly in until later that evening so we still got to have date night at our favorite sushi place.  Her dog, Finn, stayed at our house, too, and you loved her!  She would walk by and surprise you by licking your face (which you liked)!  (yes, it looks like she’s taking a bite of your face here)

 On Saturday we played at the house and watched the Aggie game (yuck) before packing up and going to the farm.


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